This page describes most of the activities we have being doing since is live.
9 Feb, 2019: Bila-Unwan Initiation day

Bila-Unwan means no title. its on you to think, understand, get the story from the piece of work - a blog post. Our blog posts are small, pictures showing very different concepts of life as we grow.
For now, you can use your facebook page to connect with us. Please do let us know your opinion and how can further we can improve. We curate the content as we share, since we are infancy stage, you can report back any issue, we will be very keen to solve it.

9 Feb 2020: Bila-Unwan has 3000 Likes on Facebook

We have achieved so much in this time. Learned a lot. Grow as a team. We are all part timers. We are busy like you. But with very gradual pace, I have gathered people around me who are either readers, commentors, listeners, writers etc... and they love to do this whenever they are free.

If you are one of such person, you can begin How to start writing on as freelancer or you just want to speak your heart to me

After one year, we realize that may be taking contributions from the readers of BilaUnwan, could help get more ideas; It may improve a lot of things

You can come to join us as Internee or a Regular Contract based employee

Following steps you can take on, to contact us and show that you have really interest in team work in a creative, technical and literature oriented environment.
  • Check out hundereds of BilaUnwan Posts on website and Facebook page, Note down the things, you dont like it. You tell us on interview.
  • Understand What value we are trying to create in our yound society
  • Try to grab one freelancer test done
  • Subcribe for BilaUnwan Freelance Job alerts. We will email you once a week if there are any