This page describes most of the frequently asked questions.
What is Bilaunwan?

Bilaunwan means untitled. Its about untitled images, events, life aspects, moments that we share and relate. We do not want to give a title to them. we know what they are, as human, we sense the emotion around it, We feel it but have this feeling of understanding what it means. makes sense? or lost even more.

If Bilaunwan means untitled, then why there are title assigned to bilaunwan posts?
Just picture the first book you read and enjoyed. How was the experience? I am sure If I have read that one, i would have a different experience, and therefor a very different view on the title which i liked the most. That's why you find a title given by us to the bilaunwan posts. If you have better titles, please send us via email.
so What do you do actually?

We try to make people happy. People are usually clients who want us to create, curate and manage their social media posts.

How much you charge per post?

We are very cheap. Cheapest even you can say. we make cheap things, they look cheap, are cheap and cheapness at a level!!! ---